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Actually Read Books Preview Videos

Actually Read Books Project Vlog: first video is finally up!

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What a wonderful first attempt at a vlog…not. Turns out, new webcam + new video editing software = wtf happened to my face? Something with the frame rate, I’m told. I have plans for how to improve things next time (and my fingers and toes crossed).

Still, January is almost 2/3rds over and since this is supposed to be a New Years Resolution, I can delay no longer. (You may notice me saying I filmed it on the 6th.) So this is me, powering forward! Posting my introduction video and saying hello to the world of YouTube, BookTube, etc. etc. Hi.

I don’t get into any books in this video, but it’ll give you an idea what I’m trying to do here (hint: it’s actually read books) and free up my mind and hard drive for the next thing.

Look out for my next video—an actually review of Andy Weir’s The Martian—later this week! Or just subscribe to my channel, and let YouTube handle the rest.